Friday, June 3, 2011

Week 23

How many weeks? 23 (sorry this was supposed to be done last week

Food Cravings? Not I just want food all the time..yikes

Food Aversions? Still haven't tried peanut butter and pork...I might try them soon

Weight Gain? didn't weight myself last week

What am I looking forward too? I go back to the doctor tomorrow, another ultrasound to see Henry...and on July 28 I will have a Master's Degree!!! YAY

What do I miss? Dt. Mt. Dew, Big Bob Gibsons Sweet tea, Advil (because my back hurst BAD right now and I don't believe the Tylenol works at all..LOL), and sleeping on my back and tummy.

This week Henry should weight just a little over a pound, about as much as a NBA basketball....well if y'all read the 20 week post...thats how much he weighed at 20 weeks. YEP, he's gonna be a big boy. He can hear now, so when Molly actually does bark and for those of you that know Molly...thats only maybe once a week..he will know her bark. Tom and I talk to him so he will know our voices. He is kicking me like crazy, Tom has felt him a few times now. Henry thinks my bladder and Sciatic nerver are trampolines...he loves both of those!! yeah...painful!! He is also developing blood vessels in his lungs to get ready for breathing!!

For those of you is a picture of what he should look like at 23 weeks.

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