Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mr. Mike

Yesterday my mom and I were planning a small shopping trip to the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale, Tom was working on Henry's nursery, and Dad was going to mow the yard. It was just a normal Saturday. Well, about my parents heard that Mike Nix was being taken to the hospital, so my dad rushed over there. When he got there he knew it was good. Not an hour later did I get that dreaded phone call from my mom saying, "Mike Nix just died." All I could say for the next hour was, "No, he didn't" I just knew it was a dream. I started questioning why would the Lord take such a special man from this Earth...we need him!! I knew I was being selfish, but I didn't understand it!!!

I don't know how many of you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Mike Nix, but if you did he touched your life forever. This man was the preacher I basically grew up listening to. He started preaching at Beltline Church of Christ in 1998, about the time we started attending there. Mike was a walking talking Bible. I loved listening to him, he always impressed me...he could stand up and do a sermon, tell us the Bible scripture to turn to (and he always had several) and never once had to look down and read the verses. I remember one time he quoted the sermon on the mount. WOW!! I mean, that takes a whole lot of studying. One quote that really stuck out to me that Mike said was, "We might be the only Bible some people ever read, do they need a revised edition?" Mike did not need a revised edition this man was the most caring loving man on Earth. When you looked in his eyes you would see Jesus, there is no doubt in my mind where he is today.

Here are a few memories I have a Mike:

  • You could never leave Beltline without getting a big bear hug from Mike...he would hug all 800 members of Beltline, plus all the visitors!!

  • Mike came to see me after I had my wisdom teeth pulled (a simple simple surgery), he was the only visitor I had....he came to my house.

  • Mike was there when I had my tonsils out.

  • I really think there were 100 Mr. Mikes...he was every where. He visited everybody!!

  • One time (it lasted a day) Tom broke up with me, and Mr. Mike came over with ice cream, can you say that about your preacher?

  • He went to visit one on my best friends (whom he had NEVER met) babies when he got sick and put into the PICU.

Those are just a few of the memories I have of Mr. Mike. I know he is in Heaven today watching over us, telling us not to be sad, but it's so hard to not be sad when you lose a great man like that.

I had my Brad Paisley song in the CD Player today, and I heard this song...the second verse really got to me, but "Farther Along we'll understand Why"

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