Friday, June 3, 2011

Week 24

How many weeks? 24 weeks

Food Cravings? fruit....and just want food all the time...not good

Food Aversions? ummm....still scared of pork and peanut butter

Weight Gain? I think around 20 pounds total....but like I have mentioned before my scale at home doesn't work that I didn't weigh myself before on it.

What am I looking forward to? Same as last week...seeing Henry, and finishing graduate school!!

What do I miss? right now...I want to go on a long vacation, but we have to get a nursery ready, I'm teaching summer school, taking 3 online courses...yeah doesn't look like thats gonna happen.

This week Henry is about the same weight as last week (just a little over a pound). He should be about a foot long...look at the pictures from the 20 week ultrasound, I think just his legs are a foot long. This child is going to be just like his daddy!! His brain is growing quickly, his skin is still translucent (but this is about to change), and his lungs are still developing...getting ready to breath the outside air in a few short weeks.

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