Friday, June 17, 2011

26 Weeks

How many weeks? 26 weeks
Food Cravings? Not this week really...I have started getting a little sick again..probably the heat.
Food Aversions? Casa Blanca...sorry for all you CB lovers, but I have gone 4 times in a row and every time something terrible was wrong with my food...this time it came out okay but then I got sick!
Weight Gain? Been too sick
What am I looking forward to? I only have 98 more days until my due date...I can't wait to see his face and meet him!!!!!
What do I miss? Same as usual, Diet Mt. Dew, sleeping on my back and tummy...being able to walk around the house without losing my breath...good grief!! He pushes on my lungs!!

This week Henry should be the size of and English cucumber, which is about 2 pounds and 14 1/2 inches long...well like I said in previous post..he was 2 pounds at 24 weeks. The chart says that at 33 weeks Henry will be the size of a normal full term baby. His lungs are developed, but still would need lots of medical attention if he was born now. He can open and shut his eyes, he's sleep at regular intervals, he can suck his thumb, and he's developing more and more brain tissue!! Last night Tom could watch my stomach jump for the first time! He didn't know if he should be weireded out or think it was neat...I think it's both!! haha!! I love to feel him kick!

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