Tuesday, June 7, 2011

24 Week Ultrasound

Here are some pictures of Henry at 24 weeks!! He weighs about 2 pounds...this makes him measure around 26 weeks. I think I am going to have a big boy!! I can't wait to meet him :)

Here he is yawning...I think it's neat that you can see his bones.

Here are his legs...getting chubbier...still long...check out that foot!

I think he's praying!!

Praying again...hehe

legs again...those feet are cracking me up!! Tom wears a size 13 or 14...I think Henry is going to be about the same.

Sweet face
face again :)

4D picture...


Check out those cheeks

Crossing his ankles

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  1. How are you getting so many ultrasounds?! I am so jealous that Henry cooperates for the sonographer too. Samantha fought us for 30 minutes @ our 20 wk one and turned toward my back completely for the 4D we tried to do! Congrats again - I can't wait to see pictures of him when he finally arrives :)