Monday, June 27, 2011


Today is Mr. Mike Nix's visitation. I am having a hard time dealing with it. I just can't believe he is gone, I keep thinking the alarm clock is going to go off and wake me from this horrible dream. Everyone is posting favorite memories of Mr. Mike on Facebook which makes it bittersweet. So I will share a Mr. Mike story with y'all.
It was about a month or two before my wedding, so Mr. Mike was doing pre-marital counsling with Tom and me. (As I have mentioned I thought of him like a second dad, well he thought of me as a second daughter as he did everyone at Beltline). So during the time he talked to us, Mr. Mike would look at Tom and go on and on and on about how special I was and how he needed to take care of me. Then he look at me and say, you know to do the same for Tom right Katie!! haha. He didn't tell me all the reasons Tom was special...which Tom and I still laugh about to this day. When we left, Tom said he felt like he was getting married to Mike's daughter. Tom promised Mr. Mike he would take good care of me, and he has. I know this story sounds so silly to people, but you just had to know Mr. Mike!! Mr. Mike treated everyone like they were his best friend.
Another favorite story is one of my best friends, Jordan Lockett, baby got real sick. He had to be put in PICU (he was only like 4 months old). I called Mr. Mike and asked him just to pray for them. What did Mr. Mike do, he got in his car drove from Moulton all the way over to Huntsville, and went to see my friend and her baby. He wanted to pray with them. Jordan's baby is now 2 years old and healthy!!

So today I have been a wreck. I know I am only saying good-bye to his body. His spirit will live with us. Mr. Mike is challenging us all from Heaven to live like he did, he wants us all to go see how wonderful Heaven is. He is sitting at the table with our Lord right now. So if your reading this from above Mr. Mike, please be with us all as we say our good-byes. We love you, we miss you, but we know you are rejoicing in Heaven. Send us one of your bear hugs so we can make it through the day.

"It only takes a moment to say hello, but a lifetime to say goodbye. We must say goodbye in order to meet again and we CAN BE certain we will meet again."
-Mike Nix

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