Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eventful Week

So I titled my last blog, 35 weeks and eventful week...here is what has been going on in the Griffin household that last 4 days!!

Saturday my friend Beth hosted a diapers and wipe shower for Henry here are some pictures from that:

Here is the Yummy food!!

Me in between gifts!!

Tom enjoying his food!!

The gifts I had opened so far..

His room when we got home (I don't know why this picture turned out so foggy)

That was Saturday, Sunday Tom had to go to work, and I woke up to go to church, but didn't feel well so I stayed home just incase (hated to go some where by myself and something happen)

Well, my eye had been itching all day, but I never thought anything of it..Tom came home and looked at it and said my eye was red...for the FIRST time in my life (or the first time I remember) I had pink eye. I called the doctors office and the doctor on call told me to take a Zyrtec, and if Monday it started leaking the green stuff to go in and see the doctor, well it never did that luckily.

Well, Sunday afternoon I started feeling like I had the flu or had been hit by a school bus. So I went took some tylenol and laid down, I had a very low grade fever, but it went away after the Tylenol and never came back, but the hurting did...especially in my stomach.

Monday I woke up with little sleep still hurting BADLY..but went on to work (I was a little sick to my stomach, when I woke up so I figured it was that and the fact that I'm 35 weeks pregnant). The pains got worse and worse, so Monday after school...where did I end up...right here:

In the hospital!!! I had all the monitors on me, and they said I was having contractions every 3-5 minutes, but had only dialted like a finger tip. So they ran all kinds of tests to see what was causing them so early. I think the conclusion was that I had a touch of a stomach bug and was dehydrated, one nurse said I wasn't, the other said I was...anyways it was NOT labor. I had 2 bags of fluid, and a brethine shot and the contractions slowed down and have stopped today!! I had to take today off of school and rest, but tomorrow I can return!! haha...thats the red head in me I am determined to work until my due date!! I was there for about 7 hours before they discharged me. I am feeling better today and I am hoping this doesn't happen again until it's actually time to meet Henry! It scared us all!! Maybe I should pack my bags though...just incase?!!?

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