Friday, March 4, 2011

How many weeks? Today I am 11 weeks
Any cravings? I have been really sick this week, so no not really
Food Aversions? Pretty much everything this week
Best Moment? I am done with my school (Masters) for the semester, start back in 2 weeks...a little stress is taken off my shoulders for a while.
Weight gain? I didn't weigh this week, but pants are fitting a little snug ( I saw on a website that keeps up with what you should do each week, says start buying maternity clothes)
What am I looking forward too? I get to have another U/S Monday!! Can't wait to see how much our baby has grown.
This week Baby G is 11 weeks. He/she is the size of a lime. The skin is still transparent, but he/she no longer has webbed hands and feet. Hair follicles, nail beds, and teeth buds are all starting to form this week. On Monday our baby will actually look like a baby, instead of the blob we have been seeing!!

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