Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 12

How many weeks? I am 12 weeks
Any food cravings? umm...pineapple still (had a pineapple and mayo sandwhich the other day) hehe
Any food aversions?! Not really...
Best Moment!? *GROSS ALERT* I have not thrown up in a week and had normal bowel movements (sorry I know it's gross but I feel better)
Weight gain? Went to the doc Monday, and I had gained 6 pounds since my 6 weeks I guess I gain a pound a week....HOPE NOT!! LOL
What am I looking forward too? APRIL 11 to see what we are having!!! (Tom says it's a baby, LOL)

This week I am entering the 2nd trimester!! I am starting to feel better, like everyone said Iwould. Almost all of Baby G's systems are fully formed. This week he/she is the size of a plum!!

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