Monday, March 21, 2011

I added my first poll

Hey everyone!! Tom and I will not find out the sex of Baby G for several more weeks, but we are curious to know what people think we are having. Please take a second and vote!! We'd love to see who is right or wrong...hehe!!! Here are some old wise tells that I have experienced:
1. My hair is not growing any faster, just the same as it was before.
2. I have been VERY sick.
3. I am craving pineapple and cheese (mainly), but have had some cravings for popcorn.
4. My feet are not colder than the were before.
5. The last heart rate we heard was 175 beats a minute.
6. Tom is losing weight as I gain weight....(not fun for me).
7. I have gained weight all over.

Those are some I have found, I know none of this means ANYTHING!!! I just think they are fun and like to try the different wise tales out!! Let me know what you think by voting, I will post of picture of my growing tummy.


  1. I have had similar experiences, but not all of them. I'm voting girl :)

  2. Sounds like the same as all 3 of mine. I think that it is a baby boy. Either way they are going to melt your heart away.