Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 10

How many weeks? 10
Any cravings? Shrimp
Food Aversions? Pork and peanut butter
Best Moment? I went Friday without taking any Zofran....and didn't get sick...maybe I will get better during the 2nd trimester.
Weight gain? Not this week
What am I looking forward too? I guess a week from Monday for the 3rd Ultrasound, yeah when your mom works at the doctors office you get a little spoiled and get to see your baby every time you go to the doctor. It is neat to watch....will post picture soon.

This week Baby G is forming bones and cartiliage, and vital organs are starting to function. Baby G's arms and joints are now working....he or she should double in size in about 3 weeks...that is crazy to think about.

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