Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 9

How many weeks? 9

Any cravings? Pineapple and tomatoes (wrong season, I know)

Food Aversions? Well, this week I had the stomach virus a couple of pretty much everything.

Best Moment? This beautiful weather, I actually got to walk outside instead of inside the house on the treadmill.

Weight Gain? I'm not even going lose then gain...then gain...then gain....but I'm not eating any more than I used to eat, and I'm eating healthy...who knows.

What are you looking forward too? Tom found these sticks that I can pee on at 10 weeks and it's supposed to be 96% accurate to tell you the sex of your we are going to try that next week..stay tuned.

This week Baby G is the size of an olive. He or she is now a fetus. The physical features are now all forming and are in place, Baby G is actually looking like a baby. I can't wait to see the next Ultrasound!!

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