Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week 21

How many weeks? 21

Food Cravings? umm....SHRIMP PO BOY!!!

Food Aversions? Peanut Butter....Casa Blanca (2 EXTREMELY bad experiences there)

Weight Gain? 14 pounds total (this was from my last appt....then the doctor looked the size of Henry and said yeah I won't complain) LOL

What am I looking forward too? The last day of school, of course!!

What do I miss? Tom went on jet skis this weekend at the beach...I really wanted to go...he saw all kids of dolphins :(

This week Henry is developing his sense of taste, so I guess I need to be careful what I eat so maybe he'll eat veggies and fruit!! He is also moving like CRAZY!! Tom felt him move a couple of times now, he thinks it's weird but wants to feel him again!!

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