Friday, May 6, 2011

20 Weeks

How many weeks? 20 weeks (half way through, don't know how to feel happy or sad....I want to meet Henry so badly, but I love feeling him move around even though I have been sick and still sick!! It's a miracle growing inside me, I just don't want to let go)

Food Cravings? chips and salsa

Food Aversions? Not really

Weight Gain? I will know this one for sure Monday...get to go see Henry again!! Can't wait :)

What am I looking forward too? I am looking forward to my appointment on Monday!!

What do I miss? Sleeping on my tummy....

This week Henry is developing like crazy, his organs are coming in to place, his legs are finally longer then his arms. He is developing the meconium that we will get to see after delivery....that one might be Tom's job!! LOL I will post pictures Monday of the ultrasound, that is if we have internet...haven't had it since the storms last week. Not complaining because so many people around me have NOTHING!! The storms hit within a mile from my house...we are very lucky...and when we get internet I will post those pictures soon. (I am using the computer at school)

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