Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 15

How many weeks? 15 weeks

Food Cravings? fruit (mainly pineapple), cheese, and now chips and salsa..good combination huh!?! With all this I have started a small investment in TUMS!!

Food Aversions? Pork

Weight gain? I don't think I have actually gained this week

What am I looking forward to? This Tuesday I get to go have an Ultrasound because there is a student trainer and so they asked if she could train on me...umm yes any reason to see my baby!! They are also going to try to determine the gender!!!

This week baby G's legs are finally longer than his/her arms. He/she is moving around like crazy...I feel little bubbles in my tummy every so often, not sure if it's Baby G moving or just indigestion.

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  1. Yay! There is at least a chance that they will be able to determine the gender! How exciting...I know you are excited but I am tickled too! If you find out please let Clint know. The maximum strength Tums,I think 1000 something, are well worth the investment. Avoid the generic, they are not nearly as good. Enjoy and keep us updated!!