Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Memphis Zoo

Tom took off Tuesday of my spring break. We decided to leave town for the day and head to Memphis. We went to the zoo, then to eat ribs at Rendezvous. The weather was perfect (sunny and 70 degrees). We had a blast. I can't wait until Henry is old enough (well actually I can, I know they grow up way too fast) to take him and see his little face when we sees the animals.
Dinner...yum yum!!!

Peabody Ducks...this was so neat!!

The Mallard at the Peabody

Another duck at the Peabody

Penguin at the zoo...

Gorilla (he was sitting in the shade the entire day)


Polar Bear

Hugh Ostrich

My fav...the giraffe

Elephants...ROLL TIDE ROLL!! LOL



Some type of Monkey

The hugh hippos!!

The napping tiger

So this is the first thing we see when we walk into the zoo....yep....and all the adults were laughing and the kids were asking what the black leopard is doing to the spotted leopard. It was funny!!

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