Friday, September 9, 2011


Henry came home from this hospital with a bili ribbon score of 10.4, the doctor told us to keep him in the sunshine and have him rechecked again on Tuesday. Well, as you know this weekend it rained ALL weekend, no sunshine for my baby. We took him to the doctor bright and early Tuesday morning and his level had gone up to 14 (overnight). So they had Home Health Care come and set up a light in his bed. He had to stay on it for 2 days, all we could do was pick him up every 2 hours to change him and feed him. To say the least, my heart was broken!! Here are some pictures of him on the light, he was very peaceful!!

You might notice a certain someone in all these pictures... (Molly has loved Henry since we brought him home, she worries like crazy over him)

She is trying to look in and see what is happening to her baby brother.

This is my favorite, she ended up jumping on the couch and stood there to watch over him. He is sound asleep, she just knew something wasn't right so she had to take care of him I guess.

Oh, and that day my sweet church family sent some flowers to our house!! Then brought us a yummy dinner the next night. Tom and I are blessed beyond measure!!

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  1. Hi Katie & Tom, I hope all of you are doing fine. I hope Henry does OK, He is such a cute baby. One of the things that your wonderful church family is good at, is providing meals. When our daughter was born 17 years ago, they brought a lot of food out to us, more than we could eat, and they did this for a week. good cooks there too.