Sunday, June 3, 2012

Henry 8 Months!!

WOW, Henry is 8 months old!! Where has time gone?!?!? At 8 months Henry, you can says momma, dada, bye wave good bye like your are unscrewing a light bulb.  You stick your tongue out and spit, when I tell you no-no, you have started shaking your head no, but still go do it anyways.  You are a very persistant child...I think your hair is going to be red (it looks that way and you kinda act that way) haha!! We love spending EVERY minute we get with you!!  Here are some pictures from 8 months!!

You are into EVERYTHING!!! You found my fabric cabinet and pulled everything out!!

You went swimming for the first time!! and LOVED it.

You are so stinkin' cute :)

 Watching your favorite show...Mickey Mouse Club House

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