Thursday, December 8, 2011

Month 1 (a little behind)

I have become a horrible blogger since "little man" was born. So I am going to try and catch up on what we have missed so far!!
Henry's first month:
-Weight- 8 pounds (actually he gained like 7 ounces every time we went to the doctor)
-Height- 21 inches
-You HATE tummy time.
-Your cord fell off at 2 weeks and a day.
-You love your mommy.
-You sleep 3-4 hours at a time, but sometimes longer!!
-You aren't too fond of bath time.
-Still have a little jaundice, which they are calling "breastmilk jaundice" you've had SEVERAL heel sticks and hate each one!

Here is a "photo shoot" I attemped...I was trying to make a cute birth announcment.

Not to sure about the bouncy look so tiny in there!!

What a face, the only way we could get you to burp.

I love sleeping on mommy.

I love my big sister Molly!! Molly LOVES you too...she follows us around the house, sits with your when you are in your swing or bouncer...but if you cry she leaves the room.

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